Gaga is my queen!

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Watch it in video

what the actual fuck

The entirety of my dream house

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‘Cheek To Cheek’  artworks shot by Steven Klein

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decided to make a playlist of songs from Disney Channel shows/movies pre-2005 (plus The Lizzie McGuire Movie) cause why not? You can listen to it on 8tracks here

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The standard & deluxe edition album cover artworks shot by Steven Klein of Tony Bennett and Gaga’s new jazz record ‘Cheek To a Cheek’, available September 23rd.

Pre-orders for the album start on August 19th for the U.S., Canada, & Mexico, and on August 20th for the rest of the world. 

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my mom meant to post a picture of her dog and posted a picture of a turkey insteadimage

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All of Gaga’s Album covers (Deluxe and not)

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Deleted scene: Gus and Hazel selling the swing set

I’m so sad they deleted this scene. Favorite part of the book.

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6/3/14: At the San Jose artRave, Gaga invited myself and my friend Stephanie to sit next her on stage while she preformed Born This Way. The feelings I have towards this experience are indescribable but without any doubt, I’ll hold the moments I shared with her in my heart forever; I’ll never forget what it was like to sit next to such a truly beautiful and compassionate human being and sing the song that helped me love myself with the most caring person I’ve ever encountered. Thank you for every second Gaga, I love you endlessly. x.

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